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The Big Sister Empowerment Show is a Women’s Empowerment reality TV show, which lasts for eight weeks, where several women live together in a purposeful way to discover the best version of themselves. The show is filling a void by representing and amplifying women’s voices through mainstream edutainment in the world. It is produced as an exclusive confidence-building platform empowering woman through entertainment, involving them in various education tasks and competitions. Among other positive reviews, the show is mainly reviewed by the audience as EDUTAINMENT. After debuting in 2018 by Zedzee Multi Media, the show recorded substantial viewership worldwide.
The Big Sister Empowerment Show business model is based on a weekly voting, sponsorship system. Voting happens via telephone, vouchers, and online. Companies showcase and promote their products for a fee. Contestants with the least votes are evicted every week over two spell-binding months.

What to expect for VERZION FRANCOPHONE season

This version of the Big Sister Empowerment Show will be hosted in Conakry, Guinea, from the 8th of January to the 5th of February 2023, in a typical African traditional setting. fifteen (15) randomly selected women worldwide will compete for wisdom, popularity, money, and a lot more. The show will last for one month during which every week will see the reign of a new Queen Masarico. Every Monday morning the women will be presented with a topic on an issue that is pertinent to women’s empowerment, they will debate the topic throughout the week, and do a presentation over the weekend.
The presentation will be done in front of Big Sister and the audience, the audience and Big Sister will decide who the winner is, then the winner will become Queen Masarico. Whoever is Queen Masarico of the week will sit on the throne, she will be the leader of her peers for that week until a new Queen Masarico is crowned. The Queen Masarico is immune to eviction.

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