Frequently Asked Questions

The Eligible age is 18 year or older.

The Eligible age is 18 year or older.

There is no official or none official language in the big sister empowerment show. Constant are encourage to express themselves in whichever way is most comfortable for them.

1. Every user with an activated account receives 200 voting points on a daily basis, which expires after 24 hours.

2. You can earn an extra 100 voting points when someone signs up with your referral code and activates his/her account.

1. Go to the App Menu.
2. Tap on Login or Sign Up.
3. Select Sign Up.
4. Enter your details being requested. (E-mail address must be accessible)
5. Tap on Sign Up. (An activation token will be sent to your email)
6. Check your email for your activation token.
7. Enter the activation token on the app.
8. Tap on Activate. (You will automatically

The Big Sister is for all women around the globe

18 years and above

The winner was Marjo Bona #TeamCoco

An activation token is a 6 digit code sent to your email when you sign up in the Big Sister app to confirm your activation. (The token expires after 24 hours).